What is PublicAssets?

PublicAssets is a service that provides transparency, insight, and added value to the world of government real estate.

Governments in the United States own millions of buildings, over 650m acres, rights of way for highways, and much more. Our goal is to provide citizens with information on what governments own, the commercial ecosystem with greater opportunities for engaging with governments, and governments with greater options for meeting their goals around public assets.

We provide free access to parcel data--or records--of properties owned by villages, towns, cities, counties, states, the United States federal government, and special authorities and districts. We also provide free access to listings of properties governments are offering for lease, sale, or development.

Those interested, can subscribe to access contact information for the government officials responsiblle for these properties and listings. We also provide access to the requirements governments have for leasing or purchasing properties and the expiration dates of commercial leases to which governments have committed.

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