What information is available through PublicAssets?

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of government real estate in the United States, including:

* Property Records: Our catalogue is anchored by over 4.5m commercially-oriented parcel records that include land, buildings, rights-of-way, and much more owned by governments across the United States. These records include all government owned property, including commercially-oriented property, farmland, tax-delinquent residential properties, parks, heritage assets, and more. These records are free to search and browse.

* Listings: Governments offer thousands of commercially-oriented properties for lease, sale, and development, and we provide free access to listed properties. We do not catalogue farmland or single family residential properties available for lease or sale.

* Contacts: Connect is our subscription service that provides access to officials responsible for government properties and listings.

* Requirements: Governments post new requirements for leasing, purchasing, and developing commercially-oriented properties each day. We aggregate these requirements and offer access to them with our subscription service called Plus. We do not publish requirements for farmland.

* Lease Expirations: Plus also provides access to 100,000s of lease expiration dates for governments around the United States.

Our catalogue covers the United States Federal Government, Washington, D.C., the 50 states, most of the country's 3,143 counties, and thousands of cities, towns, and villages. It also covers thousands of authorities and special districts.

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