If I cancel my Connect or Plus plan, how long does my plan last and how does billing work?

If you cancel your Connect or Plus plan you may access your paid-for level of service until the end of the current billing period.

Subscriptions automatically renew using the Customer's current credit card account number unless Customer or PublicAssets cancels their subscription prior to the renewal date. Customer cancellations shall be placed in My Account on the PublicAssets Web site. All other subscriptions, including annual subscriptions, will automatically renew for additional terms equaling the original term unless Customer or PublicAssets provides seven (7) days' advance written notice of non-renewal. Annual commitment subscriptions may be canceled as of the end of term only; no mid-term cancellations will be permitted. All cancellation and non-renewal requests by Customer will be processed within five (5) business days. Once the cancellation is processed, a confirmation email will be sent via the customer's email account on record with PublicAssets.

If you have a question about billing or cancellations, contact us at support@publicassets.com.

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