Does PublicAssets help governments 'sell the family silver' and hurt the public good?

Governments own hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets with the largest asset class being real estate. With population shifts, technological developments, climate change, and fiscal constraints governments continually evaluate how they can best deliver services that address the current and future needs of their citizens. At times, this evaluation leads to a change in priorities, whether it's leasing underutilized land, selling an abandoned building, leasing office space instead of building a new building, or relocating a school from a neighborhood that made sense in 1940 but has a different demographic profile in 2016. Increasingly governments will recycle old assets to generate money to invest in new needs.

PublicAssets does not exist to help governments sell the family silver. We are non-partisan and are founded on the principal that governments need platforms and tools that help them meet their ever-changing needs. Our platform is designed to deliver transparency for all and greater efficiency to governments and the commercial-ecosystem in which they operate so they can deliver the best services and results for their citizens.

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