What were the results of the PublicAssets real estate survey & what does it mean for me?

In 2017 we surveyed 5,000 government administrators, finance officers, and real estate professionals in our annual 'PublicAssets Government Real Estate Survey'. We asked three questions about how governments market surplus properties and about their biggest challenges.

The answers highlighted the needs governments have for improved go-to-market services for leasing, selling, and (re)developing commercial and residential properties. We continue to field surveys that are aimed at providing data and services that will further improve the outcomes that governments and other public entities can achieve in real estate markets.

Below is a summary of the results.

Q1: Which of the below resources do you use to lease surplus space or sell properties? (select all that apply)



Q2: Rate the below issues you may face when leasing surplus space or selling properties (answers combine responses of 'challenging' and 'very challenging').



Q3: What tool, capability or process would help you address the biggest issue you face when leasing surplus space or selling properties? (select answers)


  • Clear game plan
  • Improved internal processes
  • A site that allows us to market properties and surplus space better
  • Reaching a wider group of customers
  • External marketing
  • Flyer preparation
  • Writing the RFP



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